“Do not be afraid of the Flemish Painter good fellows, tis only a camera.”

steampunk camera

Steampunk Flemish Painter

Your vocab word for the day is the Flemish Painter.  You will usually hear this word used to speak of a camera that a patron has at a Ren Faire.  Being set back in the Renaissance time period or even  the Middle Ages, the camera is a futuristic device that the people of the faire have never seen, and they are afraid of these futuristic devices. Thus was born the term:  the Flemish Painter.

Here are some tips when you bring your Flemish Painter to the faire:

  • Nobody gets upset about taking pictures during a show or event so snap away but keep the other guests in mind.  Don’t obstruct someone else’s view of the show trying to get that perfect shot.  Just come back to the next show and get that better seat by arriving early. And if you take lots of pictures, post them on social media and tag the entertainers – they can always use some good press.
  • There are lots of people in costumes.  If you ask, they will most likely allow you to take a picture (potentially they will even pose for you) but it is polite to ask first.  Most of the  time simply having the camera and giving someone a smile will elicit a pose.  The pose is your go ahead to take the picture.
  • Let’s not be creepy.  There are lots of exposed bosoms at the faire but that should not be your opening to create “Ye Olde Wenches Gone Wild!”… dot com.  Be respectful and again, get the lady’s permission before you snap the picture.  Also remember that the lady you are taking a picture of is simply portraying a wench and she has a face try to get the face in the picture as well.
  • When you are in one of the merchants shops, ask before you take a picture!  This is someone’s art and livelihood.  Most will not mind if you take a picture but you have to ask first, that is the rule and is simply common courtesy.

Bring those Flemish Painters to the faire.  Collect those images and share them with your friends.  Pictures from the Ren Fair are a good way to cure RFV and they look great on your facebook wall.  Just be respectful while you take the pics.