Fly Debris Show – Todd Key

Comedic Juggler

Tod Key is the creator and star of the Flying Debris Show.  This show is one of the ‘don’t miss’ entertainment events at Ren Faires throughout the country.  Todd is a juggler, comedian, storyteller and creator of countless characters and acts.  If you visit his website you will get a taste of what he does, or at least be able to determine what he doesn’t do.  This is a very talented guy that brings his brand of comedy and physical humor to people all over the land.

The Flying Debris Show was my first exposure to Todd.  I saw him at the Georgia Renaissance Festival several years ago.  I was there photographing the event for the first rendition of this website and found myself spellbound by Todd’s show.  He is a great comedian with terrific timing.  He is good with the crowd and really gets them into the act.  He is also good with kids.  On top of this he is a great juggler and physical comedian.  During the Flying Debris Show he attempts to juggle the 10 Most Dangerous Objects in History.  While presenting these items and getting the appropriate reactions out of the audience, he is constantly balancing things, standing on various – seemingly unsafe – items and causing the crowd to get more and more into the show.  I tell you, he draws a crowd with the danger but they stay for the fun. He makes you sit on the edge of your chair, waiting to see if he is going to fall drop something or potentially harm himself or others.

I didn’t realize though, until I was on his website that Todd also does a Treeman act at some festivals.  He is a master stilt-walker, performing at special events throughout the year.  I think I have actually seen him as the Treeman at other faires.  Love the Treeman or Green Man.


So, in conclusion, Todd Key makes me sick.  He is funny, talented, he can juggle and walk on stilts.  I wish that I could juggle.  Of course, if you have read many of my other articles you will notice my hatred of people that can juggle (and it continues).  All kidding aside, Todd Key is a remarkable talent and if you happen to see a sign for the Flying Debris Show at the next festival you go to camp out in front of the stage and get ready to laugh.