Flying Fish Sailors

Happy Music for Happy People

Their tag line says it all:  happy music for happy people.  This band is feel good music with a little comedy thrown in to boot.  Amazing musicians that have found there niche in the Ren Faire world, Flying Fish Sailors is an eclectic blend of musical themes combined together into a unique sound that is all their own.

Whether the Flying Fish Sailors are playing a wacky blend of Celtic, Renaissance and Sea shanties, or if they are riffing on some other topic, their show is entertaining and best of all they are they are good at what they do.  Their ability to bring together so many different kinds of music makes them a joy to listen to.  They truly make happy music and this happy music makes me happy.

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The Flying Fish Sailors are:

Greg Henkel- lead vocals, violin
Jim Henkel – lead vocals, bouzouki, guitar
Mitch Lawyer- bass, mandolin
Jay Lee- lead vocals, guitar
Joseph Linbeck – lead vocals, pennywhistle