Four Winds Clothing

Renaissance Garb

Four Winds Clothing is as much art studio as it is costumer.  They design and make garb of the highest quality.  They pay attention to the cloth and other material that would have been used during the late Medieval and Renaissance period.  Their costumes are simple, yet elegant.  They are the basics and they are as timeless as they are appropriate for a Ren Faire.

First, their quality.  Four Winds Clothing uses natural fabrics of the highest quality in tones and colors that will make sure you don’t stick out at the next faire.  The natural fabrics also make sure that you will be cool when you need to be cool and warm when you need to be warm.  They have taken historic patterns and they are dedicated to making sure that the items you purchase are accurate and comfortable.

Their selection.  There is something to be said for doing the basics and doing the basics the right way.  Four Winds Clothing does the basics.  They can go as elaborate as you want but the basic clothing they offer on their website and in their chop at festivals like the Bristol Renaissance Faire are the basics.  You get to browse through racks of clothing (or virtual racks of clothing) and find that first costume, that garb that you may wear the first time that you go to the faire in costume.  And, because of the quality of the outfit, it is very possible that you will still e wearing that garb 20 years later.

Four Winds Clothing is run by people that have been doing this for years.  They make clothing that will stand the test of time and the wear and tear that you put on a costume through the years has been taken into account.  They know that you are going to be wearing these clothes in the heat of summer and the cold of fall.  You are going to spill food on these outfits and have to get mud from various mud shows out of the costume.  To that end they want you to be able to care for it and wash it and wear it for years.

So, if you are looking for that next great costume.  That outfit or separate that you need to really get you into the spirit of the faire.  Then Four Winds Clothing may be… must be your next stop.