One of the best ways to carry a sword.

In my hope to widen your vocabulary further, here is a word that you may hear used at the faire or on a website:  frog.  Now, I am not speaking of small greenish amphibians, nor am I using a derogatory term for the French.  I am speaking of the sword holder that fits onto a sword belt.

Now, there are quite a few version of the frog.  The frog is typically made of leather, most of the time with buckles or straps to hold the scabbard of your blade more or less vertical.  Now, it does mean that the blade sticks straight out parallel to the ground, the sword will hang down at an angle but it is not hanging straight down like it might be from a baldric.  And unlike the baldric it fits to the belt you are already wearing so you don’t have to add another piece to your costume.

The frog is a very versatile piece of equipment.  Depending on the size, it can be  used for virtually any weapon:  rapier, cutlass, longsword, dagger, etc.  Really anything with an edge and a scabbard can be hung from a belt with a frog.  And again the frog can be a simple strap of leather that is virtually sewn or stitched over a particular sheath or scabbard or it can be a very intricate system of leather and straps to hold your rapier at just the right angle to make it easy to draw.

You will also, at times see an item called a ring-frog.  This is a leather piece with a ring attached that can be fitted to your sword belt and any item that will slide through the ring can be held by the frog.  This version of the frog is great for axes and maces but also makes a great ambidextrous choice for a dagger.  The dagger will hang straight down and can be worn at the back and drawn with either hand, of course the dagger will not have a sheath at this point so you will need to remember this when you go to sit down, a naked dagger sticking in your butt or thigh makes for a bad day at the faire.

Hopefully you have learned a little something about the frog today.  If you are looking for an alternative to the baldric or the useless metal clip that came with your dagger then the frog might be a great option for you.

-Bobaganush the Pirate