Getting Ready in the Parking Lot

Here is another one for the Ren Faire newbies. At some point when you make the move to being a Playtron, you will find yourself getting ready for the faire in the parking lot.

The pictures of everybody getting ready around the car were much more interesting.

I really cannot count the number of times that I have gotten out of thecar at the Ren Faire, stripped down to a pair of shorts and started getting ready.  There are two reasons for this:

  1. I have eaten at Cracker Barrel in costume and it is not as much fun as you would think.
  2. Driving in full pirate regalia is also not as much fun as you would think.

So, you park in the lot with all the Travelers and Rennies heading in and you dig into your box in the back of the car that has all your stuff.  Maybe you thought ahead and pulled into a gas station and put on the base of your costume so that you didn’t have to strip down in the parking lot ( I have done this at gas stations, rest areas and the occasional Mickey Ds).  Either way you are not going to put on everything.  Swords were not designed with a car ride in mind.  Also, sashes, and other long flowing accessories tend to impede your ability to operate a motor vehicle.

And from what I understand, a corset can leave marks if you try to drive in one.

So here are a few tips for getting ready in the parking lot:

  • Shorts under your pants or biking shorts under a kilt can make that change in the parking lot easier.
  • Ladies, the dresses you are wearing will cover you will you change but make sure that the wind is calm or your anachronistic underwear will be on display.  And trust me, French cut floral panties are anachronistic.
  • Stopping and uses a public bathroom on the way is not a bad idea.  Getting the base of your costume in place before you arrive will cut down the dressing time.
  • Have all your stuff together in one place so you are not chasing bracers and jewelry around in the trunk of the car.
  • If you are going to change in the parking lot – modesty is out the window.  I have stood side be side with people that are changing everything – everything! – in the parking lot.
  • Try not to gawk and stare at other people as you get dressed and they get dressed, it is part of the experience.

ALl the above can be avoided if you go down the night before and get a room for the night.  Make a short excursion of the faire, go for the whole weekend.  You will arrive at the faire rested, with no road dust on your boots.  You can have everything on but the items that make driving a pain.

Go down the night before and accessorize in the parking lot – like a civilized person!