cruel, wicked, and bad-hearted

I like the idea of goblins and they are one of the few mystical creatures that seems to have stayed the same, in form at least throughout the ages.  Short, cruel, wicked and mean-spirited, the goblin is a prankster and a doer of evil.


Like many of the mythological creatures that I am dealing with, goblins tend to come from Germany  Scandinavia and the British Isles.  The Goblins of Mythology, The Goblins at the Bath House, Erkling and others of the like all tend to lure humans into doing evil and in some cases unspeakable things.


These smaller cousins to the orc, tend to be the thinkers and doers where the orc is the warrior and the bringiner of desolation.  In the movie fellowship of the Ring, you can see the goblins helping to make Sauraman’s army.

“Now goblins are cruel, wicked, and bad-hearted. They make no beautiful things, but they make many clever ones. They can tunnel and mine as well as any but the most skilled dwarves, when they take the trouble, though they are usually untidy and dirty. Hammers, axes, swords, daggers, pickaxes, tongs, and also instruments of torture, they make very well, or get other people to make their design, prisoners and slaves that have to work till they die for want of air and light. It is not unlikely that they invented some of the machines that have since troubled the world, especially the ingenious devices for killing large numbers of people at once, for wheels and engines and explosives always delighted them, and also not working with their own hands more than they could help: but in those days and those wilder parts they were not as advanced (as it is called) so far.”—The Hobbit


Goblins show up in the world of Harry Potter as magic users, the owners and managers of Gringott’s Bank and of course as part of the statue in the Ministry of Magic.

“We are talking about a different breed of being. Dealings between wizards and goblins have been fraught for centuries …There has been fault on both sides, I would never claim that wizards have been innocent. However, there is a belief among some goblins, and those at Gringotts are perhaps most prone to it, that wizards cannot be trusted in matters of gold and treasure, that they have no respect for goblin ownership.”—Bill Weasley talking to Harry Potter about goblins

World of Warcraft

The goblins have been in the Warcraft universe for a long time but they are late comers to the game (in this case World of Warcraft) as far as a player character.  The goblins, are the smallest race of the Horde but they are the inventors and tinkers of those races as well.  Goblins, run the shops, make the gear and are the inventors of the weird for the Horde.