Going Regimental

What’s under your Kilt!

As many of you know, I want a kilt (just have to make the decision what kind of kilt and start saving up for it – anybody wanting to send me one to try I will be glad to review it – lol).  One of the questions you see bandied about when the discussion of a kilt comes up is – What are you going to wear under it? – this even being made famous through the posts on facebook by the good folks at Stumptown Kilts.

One of the options of course is to Go Regimental.  This is the idea that you will wear nothing but the skin God gave you under the kilt.  In all likely hood this is where the term Going Commando comes from.  But where did the term Going Regimental originate from?

Some History
The term Going Regimental is synonymous with the phrases – Military Practice or being a True Scotsman.  It is apparent from history that most Scottish Regiments up until the modern time wore nothing but their birthday suit under their kilt.  And while no one is condemning those that choose to wear draws under their kilt and in some cases it is probably better that you do don some type of undergarment (highland dancers and atheletes) there are certainly still those that choose to Go regimental.  There is a move to make sure that even those regiments that still don kilts for their formal dress wear the appropriate undergarments.  Most highland games and dance competitions will have a mention about undergarments and kilts in their registration packets to make sure that the people involved in those sanctioned events are not exposing themselves when they toss the caber or go into a Scottish Jig.

In fact the Scottish Tartans Authority in 2010 announced that in the modern time, they recommended that everyone wearing a kilt should also be wearing proper undergarments – this according to a Washington Post article – where the STA was quoted as saying the practice of Going Regimental is unhygienic and offensive.

Now the offensive remark… maybe.  Certainly you would want to be cautious with children running around and a strong wind.

Unhygienic?!? – This I don’t understand.  I guess if you had wiping problem or you had been eating Olean chips back in the day, that could be an issue but otherwise I am not sure what would be unhygienic about Going Regimental.

So, now is your chance to chime in.  I would love to know if you have ever gone Regimental.  Have you ever gone without undergarments while you wore your kilt?  What is the good the bad and the ugly about Going Regimental while wearing a kilt?

In other words:  Whats under your kilt and Why?

-Bobaganush the wanna-be kilt wearer ( I promise to Go regimental at least once but there will be no pics)