Haggis Rampant

I am sitting here listening to the album Wee Beastie as I write this.  My Celtic is acting up and I need a kilt.  There is something about Celtic music that is stirring and fun.  Haggis Rampant is family entertainment because… they are a family.  Steve, Pam and Gillian Brownlee are Haggis Rampant and once you hear their versions of Celtic standards you will agree that they are a highlight to any faire they attend.

Steve is the lead piper.  He has been playing since 1996 and is an award winner in is chosen instrument.  His wife Pam backs him and daughter Gillian provides the percussion.  Steve and Gillian are both competitive pipers.  Steve is also his daughters instructor on the pipes.  Steve has a lot to be proud of as his daughter competes and takes prizes of her own.  The closeness of the family shines through when they launch into one of the tunes that stirs any Celt’s heart.

Haggis Rampant currently has 3 CDs out:

  • Haggis Rampant
  • Wee Beatsie
  • Tri’

All of their CDs are great and they are also available for download on iTunes or to listen to on Spotify. We live in a golden age when you have the ability to pick up groupos like this and store their music on your phone to take with you… in those times when you cannot be at the faire yourself.

Do yourself a favor and listen to Haggis Rampant, not only do they have one of the best names in Celtic music, but they are great at what they do.