Hair Twisters

Leather Hair Wraps and Metal Hair Accessories

Hair is a big deal at the Ren Faire.  Whether you at a booth to get your hair braided in a dozen different fashions or whether you are adding accessories to your hair, hair is big business.  One merchant has found a unique way to capitalize on the hair bling on the Renaissance Festival circuit:  Hair Twisters.

Hair Twisters has several categories of hair accessories but the one that is most unusual and by far their biggest seller is the Hair Twister.  You take a portion of your hair, run a the rod through the center and then wrap the metal spiral around the outside.  What you end up with is something beautiful that can compliment any costume.  and adds that touch of class and elegance to your hair that you are wanting to finish off your garb.

One of the nicest things about the Hair Twister is that it comes in lots of sizes and can be fit to alost any kind of hair.  The smallest version of the Hair Twister can work in a small amount of hair and even on a long beard.  You also get to choose the pieces f flare tht adorn the top and bottom of the hair twister so you can make it match your garb as closely as possible.  The sky is the limit with Hair Twisters.

They have also brough tout a line of Hair Armor.  These metal pieces fit onto your hair forming three metal ‘scales’ that cascade down your hair.  Very Rennie and just beautiful.  These pieces are alos available in several motifs and allow you to theme with your garb.

Visit their website to get an idea of what they have to offer and to watch videos about Hair twisters, like the one below:

When you are at your next faire, if you see a booth with what looks like min-windchimes hanging all over the place, you have found the Hair Twisters booth.  If you have long hair let them give a you a demonstration.  They will show you just how easy and beautiful hair twisters can be.

Hair Twisters
San Diego, CA