I am sure that you have noticed that a lot of Ren Faire in October tend to do a Halloween themed weekend for the kids.  I am a huge fan of this and it is the one time that non-ren themed costumes are acceptable and fun at the faire.

Halloween at the Ren Faire

For instance at the Carolina Renaissance Festival, they always supply candy at the booths for the kids that are trick or treating.  You get to see kids in both traditional Ren Faire wear and, of course, store bought costumes running around the aisles, having a Halloween party before Halloween even begins sometimes.  Here is the neat part though.  These kids are the next generation of Rennies.  Sure some of them are going to flake out and find other outlets for their lives.  Sure some of them will be buying store bought costumes for the rest of their lives but in some cases, they will be surrounded by people in lavish costumes and they will be hooked.

Think about it:
You are a little kid.  You are dressed a sa princess.  Your costume is store bought and you are being taken to your first Halloween Ren Faire.  Your parents presented you with your costume.  You unwrapped the BigBox Mart packaging and you discover a princess outfit fit for a… princess.  You get all dolled up and you get to the faire.  You are dancing through the lanes.  Looking at all the pretty outfits on all the beautiful ladies of the court and then you have the moment.  The queen is coming through with her entire entourage.  She stops, seeing you standing there with your plastic pumpkin full of candy.  She walks over to you and kneels down to tell you how beautiful you look.  As she stands and walks away, you are struck by her grace and beauty and you decide then and there that one day you will have a REAL costume.

Fast forward several years.  You are at a Ren Faire.  You have spent the time crafting a costume. You have found the accessorize and jewelry that ties the whole look together.  You are back at that same Ren Faire that you went to as a child,  that first faire in costume.  You are roaming through the faire and you see alittle girl.  Maybe she is wearing the same costume that you wore as a child.  You bend down and drop a piece of candy into the plastic pumpkin.  You have just started the cycle anew.  You are continuing the circuit.  You are maintaining the next generation of Rennies.