Hamish’s Dreck

Plunder for the Non-Discriminating Hordes

As I have always said, the key to good garb is the accessories.  If you don’t have the right accessories you are just some dofus in a poet shirt or a peasant blouse.  Hamish’s Dreck is one of those places you can get all the accessories you need for that starter costume and do it on the cheap.

Now, if you are up on your etymology, then you know that dreck is basically detritus.  That flotsam and jetsam that seems to accumulate.  At Hamish’s Dreck, they have accumulated LOTS of flotsam and the jetsam is taking over.  From the selection of leather items to weapons to just about anything else they have happened to pick up, you are going to find all those little odds and ends that you need to fill out your costume.

Let’s start with leather…
Pouches, bracers, sporrans, baldrics and much more.  Bracers are probably one of those items that everybody has floating around in a box somewhere.  It is funny how you will find a pair of bracers and then replace them at the very next faire.  Hamish’s Dreck has plenty of options in the bracer department. More important then the bracer is the pouch and sporran.  These are essential and HD has plenty with plenty of options so that you don’t break the bank.  And don’t think you will be stuck with the same leather goods that everyone else has, you can find those one of kind and singular items in the dreck that will suit your costume and make you stand out from the crowd.

Pointy things…
Lots of weapons.  And I do mean lots.  Piles of swords and daggers with a few well placed axes and maces to round out the lot.  And here is the clincher:  they are not overly-expensive.  Dig through the bins.  Pick up the pointy-devices of destruction and see if you like what you find.  You always need a new dagger or a different sword to go on the wall of your dungeon.  This is your chance to decorate yourself or your home without blowing a huge mount of cash.  Hamish’s Dreck is an oasis in the desert of high-priced weaponry.

Where to find them…
You can find the good folks at Hamish’s Dreck hanging out at Renaissance Festivals across the land.  Here is a brief list of some of the places that you will find them:

Next time you are in desperate need of dreck and detritus, look no further.  Hamish’s Dreck can get you accessorized and you will still have money left over to throw an axe or two, eat a bread bowl or even tip a juggler.  Trust me you will love this vendor.