Hannibal the Liar – Chris Hannibal… Magician Extraordinaire takes on the 10 Questions this week. We have all seen him work a crowd, a deck of cards and anything else he can get his hands on, now sit back and learn a little more about my favorite new act at the Carolina Renaissance Festival in 2013.

Hannibal the Liar Answers the 10 Questions

hannibal 10 questions 11.    What is your favorite word?

Pulchritude – such a harsh sounding word for what it means.

2.    What is your least favorite word?

Fine“. A derivative of ‘pretty good’. Pathetic and mediocre words.

3.    What turns you on?


4.    What turns you off?


5.    What sound do you love?

The Ocean … and uncontrolled, unbridled laughter

6.    What sound do you hate?

My voice

7.    What is your favorite curse word?


8.    What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Radio DJ

9.    What profession would you not like to do?


10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?


Love the answer to that last question! Thank you Hannibal for joining us for 10 Question Tuesday! I hope that you, avid reader, have enjoyed learning a bit more about Hannibal the Liar. Next time you are in his audience scream his favorite word to him, ask him come be a DJ for the day… and you better ask for an Encore!