Happy Halloween!

As you send your little ghouls and goblins out into the night tonight, be on the lookout for one thing.

Future Rennies.

Halloween is the time when you can spot future Rennies the easiest.  Here are 10 ways that you can spot those future Rennies that have arrived at your house to take all your candy:

  1. Not in a store bought costume.  They might not have the best looking costume, but it is not store bought either.  Maybe they went the route of the hobo or the ghost with a sheet but they are not sporting the plastic costume from BigBox Mart.
  2. Not only are they sporting a handmade costume but it is all in period as well.   Even the shoes have been cobbled instead of mass produced.
  3. Their version of Robin Hood is less Errol Flynn and more 14th century. And potentially more of a hood then a good guy.
  4. After saying trick or treat they bow or curtsy and say: “My Lord” or “My Lady.”
  5. Their storage device for the candy they are getting has been formed out of leather and handcrafted into the shape of a pumpkin.  Leather jack-o-lantern, Halloween candy bucket – that is all Rennie.
  6. They have fashioned their own drinking horns for their Viking costumes out of leftover New Years Eve favors.  ‘A’ for effort on that.
  7. Not only do they have on an awesome costume but they have accessories.  They may not be the best accessories but they have them.
  8. They are seen chasing their friends that are dressed as ninjas around the neighborhood with polearms.
  9. Three of them come to the door dressed as Tortugas.  Trust me you don’;t want a trick from this group
  10. Codpieces – ’nuff said

I wish each and every one of you a wonderful Halloween night.  Stay warm, get lots of candy and remember this holiday is for adults as well… Even those of us that are adults by age only.