Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

Hogwarts Year Seven b

There are few things as satisfying as making it all the way through the Harry Potter movies.  Number 8… excuse me, Seven: Part Two is no less satisfying and though it has a few odd moments, like baby Voldemort, it is all in all a great movie, that ends one of the best franchises in modern movie history.

Plot Synopsis (There Be Spoilers):

Movie picks up where the first part of the Deathly Hallows left off.  Dobbie is dying after Harry Ron Hermione and the others escape from the Malfoy home.  After the revelations of the last movie about the Deathly Hallows and the ‘super’ wand that Voldemort picked up from Dumbledore’s grave, things pick up very fast.  The Three decide to make a break  for Gringott’s to get the sword of Gryfindor out of Bellatrix’s vault.  After breaking into the bank, they make their way down to the vault before making their escape into the wld blue yonder on the back of a dragon.  The next big moment is the assault by the Death Eaters on Hogwarts.  The final battle shows all of our favorites from over the years in the Potter-Verse dueling the baddies and finally coming out on top.  Of course, that is after Harry dies, is brought back to life, meets Dumbledore in the afterlife and then comes back to save the day.

The Good


Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter – I waited until the end to bring up the three main actors in the movie.  Radcliffe has been the cornerstone of the mvies the entire time.  We have watched him grow from a child into a man and he has become the emotional center of the movie. From a first-time-out, child actor to the leading many in this years long drama, Radcliffe knocked yet another role out of the park.

Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?

Rupert Grint – Ron Wesley – A true Ginger with a soul.  Great acting abilities, and the ability to make you feel sympathy, love, anger and any other emotion possible in the span of a few minutes.  He has from the beginning played the true friend of Harry from the word go.  The thing I admire most is the fact that he brought all of the teenage angst that he must have been feeling at the time onto the screen.  Plus, his comedic timing is excellent.

Six months she hadn’t see me, it’s like I’m a Frankie First Year. I’m only her brother…

Emma Watson – Hermione Granger – This actress probably experienced the most true change throughout the course of the films.  They took her from wild haired Hermione to the bombshell that she has become in the later movies.  Add to the physical look of the character the fact that she has become a true actress of the first level and you have a major star in the making.  Her ability to make you feel empathy for her character is probably the tops in the Potter-Verse movies.

What? We can’t do that! We’ve got to plan! We’ve got to figure it out…

The Gringotts Dragon – This was my favorite part to the book and by far the best part to the movie.  The action, the excitement, the fun of the dragon battle and then the ride out of the bowels of Gringotts… wonderful.

Mrs Weasley vs Bellatrix – Helena Bonham Carter has the ability to make you mad and make you hate her like none other.

The Bad

Baby Voldemort – Creepy on a whole new level of creepy.  Read this “The Bad” notation as a “Very Creepy” note.

The Ugly

Snape’s Death – I wanted more out of Snape’s death.  Some type of mind meld, a last remark, maybe smacking Harry on the back of the head.  You didn’t even really get a chance to feel bad for him.

All in all, this might have become my favorite of the movies.  They tie up lots of loose ends.  They make the last movie a virtual roller coaster with a lull in the dream land train station.