Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire

Hogwarts Year Four

This is one of my favorites of the Potter-Verse movies.  The tournament is out of this world.  The concept, action, the use of wizards & witches from other schools, all of it is amazing.  If I had to pick one that I could watch over and over, it would be the Goblet of Fire.  It also has the first appearance of Voldemort the way that we will see him in the rest of the movies.

Plot Synopsis (There Be Spoilers):

Year 4 kicks off with a trip by the Weasley’s, Hermione and Harry to the Qudditch World Cup. The Death Eaters make their first appearance and clear out all of the good wizards and witches from the grounds of the World Cup.  Once at school it is announced that two other Wizarding World schools will be at the school all year as they will be hosting the TriWizard World Cup at Hogwarts.  Harry’s name is entered into the tournament, without his knowledge, and there will be four champions instead of three (one from each school).  The Tournament is the plot line of the movie.  At the end, Mad Eye Moody is revealed to be a Death-Eater in disguise, Harry escapes the newly rejuvenated Lord Voldemort and Dumbledore ends the show by announcing that Lord Voldemort is back and the true plot of all the movies that has been teased at for a long time, is on!

The Good

The Quidditch World Cup – This was one of my favorite parts of the book (I had caught up by the time this one had come out) and they knocked it out of the park with this scene in the movie.  The feeling of immensity, the fact that so much of the scene was computer generated and of course the introduction of so many new faces and old friends and foes moves this part along.  Even the way the tent they staye din was presented was perfect.

The Dragons – I loved the dragons!  From the small models that they drew to see which one they would face to the full size beasties that they actually took on, I was sold from the beginning of the first challenge to the end.  They way that he moved, the way that he flew, everything about the Hunagrian Horntail was perfect!

Brendan Gleeson – Mad Eye Moody – If you are wondering why this actor made the list, and might make the list in all the rest of the movies that he is in, go watch In Bruges.  I don’t know of anyone else that could have played this part.  Even though he was actually Barty Crouch Jr in disguise, the way that he was portrayed the reactions, the joy in terrorizing other wizards, all of it feeds directly into the character from the book.  If you want to know what the next set of books should be, take Moody back to his days at Hogwarts and let’s follow him through losing all of his various parts and pieces.

Alastor Moody. Ex-Auror, Ministry malcontent, and your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. I am here because Dumbledore asked me. End of story, goodbye, the end! Any questions? When it comes to the Dark Arts I believe in a practical approach. But first, which of you can tell me how many Unforgivable Curses there are?

Ralph Fiennes – Lord Voldemort – Wow!  Fiennes nails this role.  He is Lord Voldemort.  He brings what has been a tease up until this point and Fiennes finally lends a voice and a body and a presence to Lord Voldemort.  Terrific casting ad another person that might make it into another couple of Film Fridays through out the Potter-Verse.

Astounding what a few drops of your blood will do, eh, Harry?

The Bad

The Logical Jump for Harry to Be in the Tournament – People that teach Wizarding classes at Hogwarts, an ex-Auror, freakin Dumbledore can’t figure out that someone put Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire.  They are stunned that it happened and they are not making all of the teachers and students drink the Veritas potion?  Kind of hard to believe.  It hurt my logic in the book and it hurt my brain as I watched the movie.

The Goblet of Fire is an exceptionally powerful magical object. Only an exceptionally powerful Confundus charm could have hoodwinked it! Magic way beyond the talents of a fourth year.

The Triwizard Tournament Ball – Boring.  I know that it furthered Ron and Hermione’s relationship but it was dull and I was done.

The Ugly

Dumbledore’s Reaction to Harry’s Name in the Goblet of Fire – Yup, friends and neighbors, it is an UGLY on a Potter-Verse movie.  I think Dumbledore’s reaction to Harry, knowing that he could not have put his own name in the Goblet of Fire, was a little over the top.  His rage came off as being pissed off at Harry instead of being frightened for him.  There is you some UGLY acting and potentially UGLY directing as well.

Love this movie with a few exceptions.  Great flick, great cast and again, one of my favorites.  Even though it is the first one to have an UGLY assigned to it, it is still out of this world.