Hickory Arms

Wooden Wasters from Hickory and other Hardwoods.

The wooden sword is a mainstay of every single Renaissance Festival that I have ever attended.  The crafters at Hickory Arms make these weapons better then most and with a care and attention to detail that you will find hard to spot anywhere else.  Hickory Arms makes many varieties and style of wooden swords and daggers and they also carry a line of crossbows.

Hickory Arms carries swords ranging in size from dagger to great sword.  The dagger is the size of a basic dagger and the great sword would be as long as most two handed swords.  This lets you pick your style, your size and if the kids are the one looking at buying a sword, you can make sure they are not too big for your little one to use.  All of the swords from Hickory Arms are finished, sanded and sealed so they will last for a long time, if you take care of them.  I have actually seen people using them as costume pieces and I tell you, they look great.

Hickory Arms has two versions of their crossbow.  They have the mini-marshmallow cross bow and the large foam missile crossbow.  The mini-marshmallow style fires – you guessed it – mini-marshmallows.  Great, fun toy with a less then lethal and quite tasty ammunition.  The large foam version fires a Nerf style bolt and though it is also less then lethal it is not as edible.

Whether you are looking for a sword or crossbow, a toy for the kids or a costume piece that won’t run you as much as its metal cousin, Hickory Arms has the right choice for your wooden weapon needs.  Come by one of the shows they go to each year and pick up one of their creations.  See how it feels in your hand and learn that you want to be able to shoot mini-marshmallows with extreme prejudice.