Holzer & Combe Haberdashery

Clothes to Dress you from Hats to Spats

If you are into Steampunk or the Victorian-Era Festival you are going to want to put on the garb at some point.  To do that, it is going to be a little harder then putting together a basic Ren Faire outfit, you are going to have to find a costumer.  One of the ones that I would recommend is Holzer and Combe Haberdashery.  They cover everything you might need to accessorize a Steampunk or Victorian costume.

Top hats, bowlers, newsie – Oh my!  Yup, hats are a big deal at a Steampunk of Victorian festival.   All the well dressed gentleman wore a hat of some shape form or fashion.  The top hat is of course the most visible and it looks great if it is the right size and the right shade.  Holzer & Combe will help you find that topper that you need.  They will make sure it fits right, sits on your head the right way and that you get the right color to match the rest of your costume.

Coats, Vests and Cravats
The vest and the cravat are also essential to gentleman wear of the Victorian era.  But, just like the hat, the vest has to fit right and the cravat has to be the right shade for the rest of your costume.  The selection of vests that you find at Holzer and Combe is astounding.  Plus, if you are in their store, you get to try it on, make sure that it fits and also become choosy about the garment you are buying.  And as anyone knows that has tried to tie a cravat – they will show you how do tie and wear it with pride.  The also carry a full line of coats.  From top coats to tails to frock coats, Holzer & Combe can make your “ho-hum” costume pop and even keep you warm during the colder months of the year.

Swords, pocket watches, cuff links, suspenders and much more await you at the counters inside Holzer & Combe.  The Victorian Era was the start of the everyday man being able to accessorize toil their heart was content.  And, if you have read anything else I have written, you know that accessories can make or break your garb.  Turn that pair of pants and a nice Victorian shirt into a character by adding the right accessories – and get those accessories from Holzer & Combe to make your character ‘pop.’