How Do I Convert a Traveler?

How hard can this be?

So you have a friend that has decided they like to go to the Ren Faires with you.  This friend loves every aspect of the faire but… they are hesitant to get into garb.  They don’t want to make the move from Traveler to Playtron or even better a full-fledged Rennie.

So, the question becomes, how do you get your Traveler friend, family member, spouse to make the jump to Playtron.

Hey is almost in garb!

10 Ways to Convert the Traveler in Your Life:

  1. Buy them a costume – This is costly but it is by far the easiest way.  Ask them if they would go in garb if they had some.  If they are all for it.  Take them shopping.  Get them a starter costume from a place like Garb the World and I bet after they wear it once they will be sold.
  2. Rent them a costume – A lot of the faires have costume rentals.  Places like the Belrose Costume Shop will be glad to outfit your friend or loved one so that they can garb-it-up at the next event you attend.
  3. The Tortuga bet! – Use the entertainers!  Bet your Traveler that the word ‘lesbian’ will be used in the last Tortuga show of the day.  Ten bucks says they are in garb for the next faire.
  4. Mead Spill – Let them wear what they like to the next faire.  When you go to get a tasty beverage, spill it on them.  I know this is childish but it will work.  With mead or beer they are going to be sticky and nasty.  They will want to buy something to wear. get them into a poet shirt or a Rennie blouse.  They are then halfway to Playtron.
  5. Get them on stage! – Go tot every show.  Sit toward the front.  get them a little drunk and get them on stage.  The more time they are in front of the good people of the faire the more they are going to think – “If I was in costume, this would be even cooler!”
  6. More Faires! – Go to more faires.  As you know they are going to spend time with everybody getting dressed in the parking lot.  They are going to be around Playtrons and Rennies at that point.  The more then stand and wait for everyone to be ready to enter the faire the more they are going to see it as ‘normal.’
  7. Forced Costumery – I am not advocating this but… make them wear a costume.  If you and the rest of the Rennies in your group outnumber the Traveler(s) hold them down, strip them naked and put them in costume.  Potentially the threat of stripping them naked might get them in costume without conflict.
  8. Volunteer – Go volunteer at the faire.  If you are working the gate, working at a booth or helping out in general you are going to have to be in costume.  If they are enjoying the faire enough, they will probably decide that going in costume is the way to go.
  9. Feed those Egos – Get them to try something on – pirate hat, armor, sword, something.  Tell them how AMAZING they look.  Stroke that ego.  As they slowly get that inflated sense of self-worth, you will find them standing next to your car before the next faire in full costume.
  10. A Furry Tail – Strap a furry tail on them without them knowing it.  This is the first step!  Nuff said.

Get your friends in COSTUME!  Convince them to try it once.  If you can get them in garb one time they will most likely do it again, and again, and again.