Iron Hill Vagabonds

Ehrich & Mark Gauvin

The Iron Hill Vagabonds consist of two brothers that bring their own style to Celtic/Folk music.  Combing traditional music from Celtic and Renaissance times, they explore the full breadth of their musical abilities.  As you listen to them play you will hear the strains of their folk and bluegrass influences playing around the edges.  You will hear the little nuances that they add to their music that give it a flare all their own.

After they debuted in 2009, the Iron Hill Vagabonds have been entertaining audiences all over the country.  They have become regulars at many faires and their audiences and fan base just keeps growing.  Since 2009 they have gone to such festivals as:  Dickens on the Strand, Texas Renaissance Festival, Medieval German Festival, Louisiana Renaissance Festival, the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival and many more.  The shear volume of faires that these guys go to each year is a testament to the quality of their music and their shows and their desire to spread their music around the world.

During their spare time, between shows, they have produced two albums, both of which are available on their website:

  • Whiskey & Promises
  • To the Four Winds

Part gypsies, part wandering minstrels, with a guitar, fiddle and two terrific voices, the Iron Hill Vagabonds bring traditional music to the masses.  Heart-felt and humorous, professional and poignant the Iron Hill Vagabonds are surely going to be at the top of the Ren Faire list of entertainers before to long.