Isaac Fawlkes

Aren’t You glad I’m Not  Magician

Isaac Fawlkes is half magician and half comedian.  Big props, good garb and fantastic timing make Isaac Fawlkes one of the stage shows that you don’t want to miss.  Isaac is a fantastic stage magician with great moves and the ability to make sure that the suspension of disbelief stay tangible in the air.  Here is something you may not know though – You may also see Isaac roaming around the faire grounds.

Isaac Fawlkes works the gate, works the crowd and the streets.  He brings in the crowdes due to the fact that most of the people have met him during the day as they roamed from show to show or stage to stage.  He entertains the crowds at every opportunity, making the day, just a little bit better, for everyone that he meets.

Three different shows:

  • Rocky Raccoon Show – Isaac brings his friend Rocky the raccoon to the stage.  This playful critter is a crowd thrill as he dives through the air, pulling the chosen card from the deck.  Great piece of business with Isaac’s furry companion.
  • The Danger Show – What happens when you cross the bullet catch with the age old story of William Tell?  You get Isaac Fawlkes’ Danger Show.  Flintlocks and a musket ball caught by the teeth.
  • The Psycho Show – This one has to be seen to be believed.  Last show of the day means mystery, mayhem and lots of craziness.
Parents bring your kids and kids bring your parents.  Enjoy Isaac Fawlkes – Renaissance Magician.  He will astound, he will amaze and you will believe that magic truly is real.