Jason Divad

One Man Fire Show!

As many of you know the best way to get me even more involved in a show is to light something on fire.  So when I run across a Renaissance Festival act that bills itself as the one man fire show – I AM In!

Jason Divad is such an act, and though he can juggling just about anything made, he has a certain propensity for things that happen to be on fire.  Staffs, torches, even hi pants are sometimes on fire during his show.  When you watch his show you never have any idea what you might get to see.  Watch the video below and you will get to see a collection of his acts and feats.

Here is the best part about one of Jason Divad’s shows – he is a trained artist turned performer.  He is as much about the performance side as he is about the abilities that he possesses.  He is about putting on a show where everything ties in.  No show where you simply move from piece to piece or bit of material to bit of material – this is a well crafted live show displaying years of training and an ability to entertain the masses that you will not see on many stages.

Skill Set:

  • fire twirling
  • handstands
  • fire eating
  • unicycling
  • knife juggling
  • chinese yoyo
  • magic
  • & more


Jason Divad is an artist who became a performer.  He is from Kansas City, Missouri (born and raised).  Though he started as a 2D artist, he moved on to work in a 3D space with his body – using a love for Tai Chi and Taoism to influence his philosophy of cooperation with gravity.  This interest led him to train in juggling, unicycling, and the spinning arts. He has developed this pursuit of the spinning arts, balancing, throwing & catching, fire manipulation, and – of course – the art of interactivity with others.  Besides his want to entertain others, he also has the need to train and teach.  He does tutorials online and classroom work with studenst teaching them about his passion and how to develop a love for movement a way of life.
He is also a very talented speaker – seeing as he is a on the docket for a Ted Talk, his ability to communicate has not gone unnoticed.  That being said, it is the fact that he is willing to light his props and at times himself on fire that gets me going.  Of course, if you can learn something while someone lights their pants on fire… then we have a show.