Johnny Phoenix

Danger Comedian

With a tagline like “Danger Comedian,” do I really need to explain anything else?  Johnny Phoenix puts on a show full of comedy, danger and… yes…. FIRE!  This cat can do it all!  He is an incredible comedian, a first class showman and his abilities as a pyromaniac and escape artist are second to none.

johnny phoenixJohnny Phoenix is a comedian first and foremost.  Whatever type of show you see him perform, it is going to be funny.  His ability to get the crowd involved and chanting for him then stop them silent with a well placed verbal jab is one of my favorite parts of this show.  The crowd will literally be chanting his name and then he unloads a verbal barrage that silences everyone for a split second before the laughing erupts.  Great comedy.  Like any good Ren Faire performer he also makes sure to rate his shows so that you know what to expect and if your children should be watching.

Johnny Phoenix is an amazing showman.  His variety in his variety shows is hard to fathom in the written word but I will try.

  • Live and Behaving Badly – This is a Vegas-Esque show.  Imagaine Johnny doing his act on a small stage in Vegas with a showgirl sidekick.  I haven’t seen this one personally but I am down, the first opportunity that I get.
  • Escapes – Johnny rocks your socks off with amazing escapes.  Think Harry Houdini with a bra under the straight jacket.  Incredible act.  Great comedy and lots of audience participation.  The picture below was taken of this act at the Shakespeare and Friends festival in Rogersvile, TN.
  • Bull Whip – More audience participation with the bull whip.  He makes a very complicated element in his show look easy.  Taking items out of the hands of audience members means that for a select few, this is part of the act that gets them up close and personal.
  • Fire Comedy – FIRE, FIRE and more FIRE!  There is no better way to make sure that your show at the Ren Faire is full then to announce that you, part of you, part of the stage or all three might be on fire during the show.  Johnny Phoenix earns his flaming moniker with his fire acts.  Whether he is eating fire or choosing to stroll across it, Johnny rocks the stage with the fire show.
  • Adult Show – Send the kiddies to watch something else and settle in for some adult entertainment (not that kind, keep your mind out of the gutter).  Johnny does some adult renditions of some children’s classics with his famed ‘misinterpretation.’  This is touted as one of the highest attended shows at the faire’s that he is at each year.

Johnny Phoenix is variety.  He is comedy. He is fun and he is there to entertain you at the next faire you attend.  Check the schedule of entertainment, check his website and see where he is going to be.  I bet you go back for each of his shows!