Karma at the Ren Faire!

I am in the mood to preach this morning, my little Rennies!

So, I have been thinking about this for a little while and I would like to pass on to you some truth:

The good people that put on the Renaissance Festivals, the entertainers and the merchants deserve our adoration and praise!

That is the crux of this post.  These people give of their time and talents to entertain us.  We need to give back to them.  We need to appreciate them and pass the karma along.  We need to get out and promote what they do and what we love.

Here is the reason why I am on this tear:  in the process of administering this site, writing about faires and the people that work them I have learned a lot.  I have also had the misfortune of having to remove several faires from the list including the Shakespeare and Friends Festival in Rogersville, TN.  This was a great faire that I unfortunately only attended once.  I do not know completing why it closed and that is not the purpose of this article, regardless of the reason, it is a shame to lose any faire.

So here is what I am wanting you to do, My Little Rennies:

  • Take people with you to the faire.  Even if they have never been, you know they will have a good time.  Take them.  Tell them to imagine it as a local or state faire and get their butts to the faire.  Get out there and find at least one new person a season to take to the faire.  This will also help stop the dreaded disease:  Ren Fair Virginity
  • Find out if you can volunteer to help.  Call your local faire and see if you can help.  They may need people to peace-tie folks at the gate or tear tickets, call and see if you can help support them.  It means a lot, even just to ask.  You are showing your support.
  • Don’t just browse at the shops.  Occasionally you might want to buy something.  Most of the merchants have something in a lower price range if you are on a budget, make a purchase.
  • Tip the wenches!  ‘Nuff said about that.
  • And though you might feel like you are going to a strip joint… go get some singles and fives and keep cash in your pocket for the entertainers.  The entertainers, especially the ones that live off ‘passing the hat,’ need you to appreciate them with more then applause.  Put some coin in that hat, drop in a dollar, make Scaramouche Tortuga feel like the Asian stripper he is.

Support those faires, I do not like taking them off the site!