Knights and Chivalry

So here is our new topic for a while:  Knights and Chivalry

I have long been interested and have spent many hours delighting in the thoughts of knights, dragons, castles and that whole realm of fantasy.  As I have gotten older, and learned more about those time periods, I have also learned of the ideas of chivalry that went along with the concept and reality of knights.  So, for a little while, with the obvious exceptions of 10 Question Tuesday and Film Friday, we will explore the concepts and realities and maybe even some of the myths surrounding the knights of both the middle ages and the early Renaissance.

This will be a broad topic.  I will include the true knights that came about as an offshoot of the English Common Law and the Crusades.  We will delve into the  truth and the fiction, the development, the armor and maybe even some of the less-boring historical figures that figure into the idea of the knight.  We will see were the term “Knight in Shining Armor” comes from.  We will even look at how the knight during the age of tournaments ended up.  We might even look into the tactics that knights used when they were in combat.

This is the idea of the Chivalric Code.  We will look at that code and probably see if we think that knights and the people that paid them and paid for them actually believed in it and for how long they did or did not believe in it.  All the while I will attempt to not hurt our opinion of these heroes of old.

So, over the next few weeks, we will dig into the knight and the armor and thr attitiudes and the people that pulled the trigger when these monsters of the battlefield were sent on the attack or on the defense.  If you have anything you would like to hear about in particular please drop me an email.

I hope you enjoy the next few weeks.