La Paloma Hats

with the right hat, nothing else matters

If you have read anything I have written you know my opinion of accessories.  If you don’t have accessories then you don’t have a costume. And I firmly believe that your accessories should tell a story, they should be personal and they should be your character.  You should look to buy those accessories that tell the tale of your garb, that complete your garb.  To that end – buy a hat from La Paloma Hats.

La Paloma Hats strive to provide you with your very own milliner.  Of course, a milliner is a person that makes hats, a hatter (though not the mad variety – I hope).  Their hats are handmade and they are the traditional styles that you would have seen in shops from the Elizabethan period and before.  They have done their research; they have documentation for the hats on their shelves and whats more, they will help you make your hat your own.

When you walk in the shop at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, you will see the basics:  noble tall hats, noble short hats, riding hats, short toppers and top hats.  There is a little of everything and a little of everything to fit every costume of the historical reenactor and the faire goer.  After you have picked out the style you want, you need to decide on what it should be made out of.  Then it is up to you to add the finishing touches.  They will be glad to give you suggestions and help with the accessorizing process, they even have some items that you can add to your hat right there.  Either way, you know have a base to start with – Take the hat and make it your own!

Wicker Top Hat – This is the one that caught my eye.  If I ever decided to do the steampunk thing, I am going to get one of these.  It looks fantastic and I can only imagine it would breath well.  Love a woven hat.

Looking for a hat but you can’t wait until the next faire they are at?  Try La Paloma Hats online.  Same great selection that you see on their site but in the convenience of your own home.  Go drool and dream of how that tricorne will look perched atop your head in full pirate garb.