Lady Ettie

Storyteller and Courtly Manner Expert

Lady Ettie is another one of those character performers that you will catch working the lanes at the faire and possibly on stage as well.  Telling stories, interacting with the kids and of course performing in her own shows, Lady Ettie is a mainstay of the Renaissance Festival circuit.

Lady Ettie’s ability to move among the crowd of the Ren Faire and attract attention really isn’t that surprising.  Once you see the outfit she has on, you will want to stop, admire her and probably get a picture.  Keep your manners in mind, bow or curtsy, ask politely and she will grant you not only an audience but a photo for sure.  Kids especially are drawn to Lady Ettie.  They see this woman, haggard in appearance, covered in pouches, yarn, buttons, bits of this-that-and-the-other and it is like they have no option but to approach her and find out if there is someone actually under the slouch hat and mound of debris that is attached to her costume.  Once they are within range, they are drawn in, captivated and they find themselves follwoing her wherever she goes.

Once you are talking to Lady Ettie you will get a lesson in proper courtly etiquette.  She will be glad to teach your young ones how to act in front of the queen or king and even how to behave at a Tea Party.  Her lessons are taught in story.  Her morals are taught to entertain and instruct and you will find yourself hanging on her every word.  Her shows are delightful adventures in storytelling and if you are lucky you will get to meet some of her puppet friends.  For instance she might try to teach manners to a dragon.  This is much harder then you might imagine.  On top of this Lady Ettie also gives back to the community by visiting school groups around the country and speaking to them about manners, something that more children could use a lot more of.  In between shows she can be found spreading cheer and instructing through her own manner of storytelling and humor.

Lady Ettie is a favorite entertainer of mine.  From the costume to the shows to street performing, Lady Ettie is an actress extraordinaire.  Find her, leave your adulthood behind and get ready to laugh, fall back through time and learn a little something through story and song.