The Shape of Steel… the Warmth of Leather

I am not an armor wearer at the faires I attend but I love looking at armor and I am a huge fan of the leather smith and all their wares.  Leatherhelms takes the leather smith trade to another level.  They replicate steel helms with leather versions that are lighter, warmer, easier to wear, less expensive and just as wonderful to look at and behold.

leatherhelms vikingLook at the viking helm to the left.  Check out the detail.  It has all the pieces of a steel helm.  This is not a couple of pieces of leather that have been embossed to look like multiple pieces, this is put together the same way that a steel helm is put together.  The cheekplates are attached at the same point as they would be on a steel version and the horns are leather as well.   And look at them, they are perfect!  This helm is going to last forever, if you take care of it. This is the way that Leatherhelms does best.

This craftsman found a need in the Rennie community.  He saw that there were people that would love to wear armor, that would wear a helm but they were not going to put out the money for a metal helm or simply didn’t have a need for a metal hat.  He is a true artisan, he took that idea and started trying to make a helm from leather.  He guarantees his work for defects and problems in shipping but he also points out that this is not a combat ready piece of armor.  You should not ask someone to test their maul on your skull to see if the helm will hold up, that kind of mischief will void the warranty.  Also, though they are water-resistant it is not recommended that you wear these in the rain, water will soften leather with time and you will end up with a hat instead of a helm, a very squishy, leather hat. Nobody wants a squishy leather hat.

Now, I like to hold things before I buy them, I am assuming that most of you are the same. Go to their website and see where they are going this year. If you are in the area stop in and check them out.  Pick up the helms, try them on and see what you think.  Thinking about going viking and the idea of a leather helm gets your juices flowing, this is your vendor.  Go to the website and browse for hours through the various designs they have to offer.  Amazing work from a great crafter: Leatherhelms.