During the process of going to Georgia Renaissance Festival a few years ago, we ended up with about eleven people attending in our little group. Several of the people were actual Ren Fair Virgins (RFV).  We all decided that we were going to go in costume. Ten of the eleven had made their choices. Costumes were found for those that didn’t have their own. One of the group being a wardrobe mistress at a local musical theater was called on to help; help she did.

loin clothThen the phone call came.

Ni wants to wear a loin cloth and a rice hat. – Sir Wiz

What? – Bobaganush

Ni said that unless he can wear a loin cloth and a rice hat he is not going in costume. – SW

Does he have a rice hat and loin cloth? I have the rice hat if he needs one. But I don’t have a loincloth… can’t imagine they are hard to make but… – B

He has the headgear but he will have to get the loin cloth made. – SW

I reapt, how hard can that be? – B

Not bad. He said a piece of burlap and he is good. – SW

I think that burlap is gonna chaff but tell him to let his freak flag fly. – B

Sweet. – SW

Actual conversation. Looking back on it, I almost wish that Ni had gone for it. He certainly would have been the most comfortable of the crew that went. It wasn’t hot or anything but he would have been completely unencumbered.  Looking at the rules and regs for the Fair though… they do require a shirt.  I guess it would have been Ni in a loin cloth, ren shirt and the rice hat. Interesting look. It would be interesting to know if they would have let him in.

What is the line? You can have your shirt open. You can show a tremendous amount of skin. Ladies, you can be on the verge of a wardrobe malfunction. Lord knows the Washing Well Wenches are usually on the verge. I have seen people in costumes that walk the line between good taste and exposure and quite frankly… that is fine with me.

So I challenge all Ren Fair attendees out there: Wear a loin cloth and let me know if you were barred or if they let you in. Take pictures and send them in.

I still say let your freak flag fly!  People of the loin cloth – UNITE!