IMG_8756As any of you who have read a few of my posts will know, I love juggling.  It is one of the things that I wish I was better at.  If you want to see great juggling and laugh your tail off at the same time, then you are looking for the London Broil Show.  Unlike the beef based dish, your kids are guaranteed to love this show and you will be glad to know that they are family friendly as well.

Louie, Duncan and Matt are tremendous jugglers.  They really make it look easy.  One of the great things, about a great juggler, is their ability to juggle while they perform the rest of their act – keeping the conversation and humor going the whole time.  These guys keep knives, fire and clubs going almost the entire show while they do everything else.  The juggling is non-stop.  From the crowd building before the show begins, to the last bow, they keep whatever they have chosen to juggle flying through the air.  They also will keep those items flying past the heads of someone from the crowd.  Did I mention the knives?

IMG_8751London Broil is also a great troupe of comedians.  Their timing is impeccable, their jokes are fresh and they have been at this so long that they have a natural repartee that makes the humor easy and fun to watch.  They have great chemistry on the stage and they are masters at improvisation.  As with any Ren Faire entertainer, they have to be able to change the show with every audience. This is a live show after all, and if they are not able to react to the crowd and at times alter the show to fit their audience they would fail miserably.  London Broil pulls off this shift between crowds, this reaction to the audience seamlessly.  They make this look as easy as the juggling.

Also, this is one of those shows that you can take the whole family to.  London Broil puts on a show that works for grandkids and grandmothers alike.  Don’y be nervous that the kids are going to learn a “new name” for grandmaw – thank you Tortugas.  Don’t be embarrassed that the more straight-laced in your group will be offended and not want to come back to the faire anymore.  Are you bringing a Ren Faire Virgin with you to the faire?  This is your show, they love virgins!  That didn’t sound right…

So, if you are into laughing, juggling and an all around fantastic show, then you are going to want to arrive early for the London Broil Show.  Terrific performers with a truly wonderful show.