Blunt Objects Work Well

Since the first cave man picked up the very first stick of wood and whacked another caveman with said stick – the blunt weapon was born and though it was a rudimentary club it was a form of a mace.  Te mace is one of the asiest weapons to produce and has more forms than most people can possibly thing of.

The first version of the mace was most likely a stick with a simple wooden block on the end (the precursor to the maul).    From this wooden weapon the first version with a steel head was made.  More weight at the end, an end that won’t shatter made the metal headed mace a versatile weapon of destruction in the hands of an expert but here is the nice thing about a mace – you don’t have to be an expert to use a mace.  You just have to know that when you swing at something, or someone, the thing you swing at goes down.

The next big step in mace technology was the addition of spikes and edges.  The basic ball headed mace all of a sudden appeared on the scene with spikes.  These spikes were not huge but they were big enough that they gave the mace a more menacing appearance and the potential to leave nice deep gashes on the person that you are fighting.  Next someone took it another step and changed the ball head to have ridges.  Slightly better then the spiked appearance and just as deadly.

The next big transformation was the addition of chain.  The shaft of the mace was getting very long.  People decided that it might be better to have a smaller shaft and attach the ball – spiked or not – to the other end of the chain.  Now that the shaft was shorter, it was easier to carry the mace and the chain gave you the chance to use centripetal force to make the impact greater.  Therefore the chain style mace, whether one chain or two causes significantly more damage.  The only bad change with this version of the mace is that you did need some training.  Swinging away with the chain style mace can leave you with spike marks on your back from not knowing how to control the backswing.