Marc Gunn

The Celtfather

tn_Gunn_2015funMarc Gunn is a Celtic American musician first and foremost.  Give him an auto-harp (his instrument of choice), a kilt and a crowd and you will find a group of entertained people that are having a blast listening to Marc sing, play and geek out about his favorite topic:  Celtic music.  Marc has an encyclopedic knowledge of pub songs, all things Celtic, hobbits, sci-fi conventions and of course hosts some of the biggest podcasts about Rennies and Ren Faire related material on the web.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the host and creator of three of the best podcasts on the web:  Marc Gunn’s Pub Song Podcast, Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and the Renaissance Festival Podcast.  These are not the only podcasts that he hosts but these are the three that I am focusing on because these are the three that I listen to – all the time, especially the Renaissance Festival Podcast.  The Renaissance Festival Podcast is quite frankly the most informative and entertaining podcast about Ren Faires that is out there.  They have gotten to the point that they are also the host of the Renaissance Festival Awards each year.  I will do something about this podcast later, let’s get back to the music.


Marc brings his love of Celtic music into everything he does.   He is an amazing musician.  He takes the traditional and makes it contemporary.  At a Marc Gunn show you will hear traditional Celtic music.  You will hear traditional pub songs.  You will also get entertained by Marc’s twisted sense of humor and learn from his amazing knowledge of all things Celtic.  Marc toured as part of the Brobdingnagian Bards for years and has entertained audiences all over the country at Renaissance Festivals in almost every state.

He is now a solo act and has a discography that you will not believe.  Here are a few:

  • Don’t Go Drinking with Hobbits (2011)
  • Firefly Drinking Songs (2011)
  • Kilted for her Pleasure (2010)
  • The Bridge (2010)
  • Happy Songs of Death (2009)
If you haven’t noticed, you are in for something peculiar and strange with Marc Gunn.  Check out his music, listen to his podcast, learn more about Celtic music and possibly hobbits and of course be prepared to have fun.  Everybody loves Marc Gunn.