Moch Pryderi

America’s Premier Welsh-American Band

In an act of full disclosure I will let you know why I was drawn to this group.  It is their name:  Moch Pryderi.  One of my favorite sets of books is Lloyd Alexander’s the Prydain Chronicles (if you have not read these books you are missing out).  In it there is a character called Kin Pryderi.  After doing some research, I found that he is also a character in the Welsh stories contained in the Mabinogion, henceforth when I saw a group called Moch Pryderi or Pryderi’s Pigs.  I was sold!  So I included them on the entertainment list on the website.

When, in the process of researching entertainers for this week of entertainment on the site, I started listening to their music, I was floored.  They are fantastic, they play Welsh music (which I was not familiar with) and they are amazing.  Watch the video below to get just a taste of them – this is them performing Dancing in the Pigsty

Moch Pryderi is a six piece Welsh-American band that was formed in 1998.  Since that time they spend their collective time, recording and performing their special brand of Celtic music across the country.  Professional musicians that have a special love for the style of music that they play.  They have recorded 4 albums:  Dancing in the Pigsty, Belly Jerk, Jig Moch & Moch IV.  Their shows, along with letting hear a different take on Celtic music are very informative as the walk you through the different types of instruments that they use and the story behind not only their name but a brief history of Welsh-Celtic music.


  • Mary Triola – Welsh pipe harp, flute, fife. whistles, Uillean pipes, Welsh Pibgorn & Vocals
  • Deborah Wenrich – Fiddle, accordian & vocals
  • Rik Rice – Bodhran, Dumbek, Biwbo
  • Dave Rich – Guitar, bass & vocals
  • Bob Roser – Highland pipes, small pipes & vibra-slap
  • Bill Reese – Bouzouki, Welsh Pibgorn, Welsh bagpipes, Breton bombardes, banjo, whistles & vocals