More for Newbies

Bring some singles…

I have touched on this topic in the Passing the Hat article but with the article earlier in the week on Pockets for Newbies, I thought it might be fun to discuss for those that are new to the Ren Faire scene: tipping.

Bring loose cash when you come to the faire!

This is very important.  As somebody that always takes a enough singles to the faire that the ladies at the bank look at me funny – it is vitally important to be prepared for the tipping.  You will find that tipping is a big deal at the faire.  From the entertainers to the Beer Wenches the opportunities for showing your appreciation through the fervent application of cash!

Beverage Wenches
When you go and get your beer or your mead for your day at the faire you do need to tip the Beer and Mead Wenches at least every other time you visit their stand.  I figure you are already playing $4 for a cup of mead or a glass of beer then you should be prepared to give the wenches a dollar.  Plus, depending on where you go, the wenches may or may not have a tip jar and might be using the open bodice as a depository for the tips.  And female Rennies, we are not leaving you out – if the gentleman pouring your mead is exceptionally cute, you might convince him to let you put your tip in his pouch.

Street Performers
There are street performers lining every lane and alley at the Renaissance Festival.  These individuals, in some cases are depending on the generosity of strangers to make their weekend of performing worthwhile.  Be generous.  Give freely.  Don’t be afraid to dig deep if you liked their act.  Let’s do some math.  If the street performer draws a crowd of 40 people and half give a dollar, that is $20 for each crowd they draw.  This isn’t going to make them rich but over the course of the day it means that they will be back to entertain you, year after year.

Stage Entertainment
Though some of the stage performers at some of the faires do get paid there are still hundreds of entertainers that pass the hat for their food and to support their shows year after year.  Buying costumes, props and spending the time developing new acts does cost money.  To that end, TIP.  When they pass the hat or bag or whatever, dig into your pocket of ones.  Drop a few in the hat.  Or if you want to really support the entertainers – buy their swag.  Go home with a Ded Bob shirt.  Get a Tortuga bumper sticker for your car.  Buy a Barley Juice CD to take home so that you can listen to their music even while you aren’t at the faire.  All of this support is important, it keeps the entertainers coming back to a faire that is lucrative for them and fun for you.

Go get ONEs like you are going to the club.  Tip those that entertain you.  Have a good time at the faire and make sure that you show your appreciation!  And if one of your traveling companions is not tipping… take their money.