Musical Blades

Get your PIRATE on!

Musical Blades is a musical comedy experience the likes of which you will never see anywhere else. Step aboard the “Prickly Bitch” (their ship) and join the crew for the best time you will have with a bunch of smelly, wild pirates.

Currently there are 6 members of the Musical Blades:  Captain Patch, Chuey, Salty Peter Johnson, Cheeks, Saxton & Sven.  These 6 pirates are talented singers but even more talented at keeping a show going and keeping their audiences entertained.  Traditional sea-shantys with some of their own inventions thrown in for good measure  make sure that you can tap you foot to the music or even sing along.  6 voices backed up by guitar and maybe a harmonica, they make up for the lack of instruments with vocal talent beyond compare and comedy that keeps you rolling in the aisles… errr ship.

The Musical Blades perform around the country at faires, events and anywhere that is in the need of great music and a lot of fun.  Check their website to find info on performance dates and purchase some of their music.  Oh yeah, you can purchase their music and they have a great selection, including:

  • Full Frontal Piracy
  • Piratically Incorrect
  • Live at the Pubs and Pirate-Core
  • High Sea’s Drifter
  • Surrender the Booty
  • Modern Day Pirate

Some of these selections are out of print and available for free via download on their website.  How awsome is that.  You need pirate music on your MP3 player or phone… here it is.

I want to suggest one of these to check out in particular though:  Pirate-Core – this is hardcore pirate music.  Full band with great vocals, traditional pirate songs set to electronic guitars.  Great selection here and again, it is free.  Also it is a little different from what they bring to the faire circuit in their stage shows.

Aside form the music, they are funny as hell!  Great timing and a lot of pop-culture reference from these sea-dogs means that you have to choose which [art of the show you like the best, the music or the comedy, though deciding which is which at times is very hard.  Remember they are a pirate act so their will be some bawdy humor and there might even be some material that little kids don’t need to imitate. Keep that in mind when you bring those little pirates to their show.  They will like the music but it might make their next day at school a little more interesting for their teachers.

Catch Musical Blades as soon as you can.  Terrific show that tears the rigging down and gets you ready to set sail.