My Non-Rennie Wife

For our Second Anniversary!

On Our Wedding Day! October 23, 2010.October 23, 2010, I married the most wonderful person in the world.  I am blessed to know her and she has made me a better person – physically, mentally and spiritually.  And I knew going into it that she was not a Rennie, nor was she overly geeky, but it has been a lot of fun getting her into the geeky/Rennie lifestyle.

Here are some things that she has had to get used to since we have become man and wife:

  • She knows the dates of the Georgia and Carolina Renaissance Festival.
  • In fact, she knows more about Ren Faires than she ever thought she would.
  • She never expected that she would have pirate paraphernalia decorating one room of her house.
  • She never thought that the answer to the question “What are you going as for Halloween?” Would be directed at her husband. And that his answer would  be pirate.
  • She didn’t know that she would be dragged to every comic book movie that comes out and that I would sit around for hours after that debating how much I dislike Christian Bale as Batman (yes, you read that right, I don’t like Asthma-Bat).
  • She didn’t know that at the Ren Faires we go to, that I would have more jewelry on that her and that it would take me longer to get ready in the parking lot then anyone else once we arrived at the faire.

Look at the picture on the left, that was my groom’s cake.  That is how much my wife and her mother who made the cake love me.  At our wedding reception (a very traditional affair in our home church) was not only a pirate themed groom’s cake but a lemon flavored, pirate themed groom’s cake.  Of course, as I have always speculated, she was quick to go for the groom’s cake and the skull & bones cufflinks so that I didn’t ask for anything bigger (pirate coat and tricorne in place of the more traditional tux).  She also was cool with my nephews having pirate cufflinks from Blackened Ruby (The link goes to a picture of the cufflinks on their website).

One of the most fun things is that I have gotten to introduce her to all things geeky and more importantly Rennie.  I took her to her first Ren Faire in Georgia in 2009.  We had been dating for several months and we decided to take a weekend trip to Atlanta.  Now, remember, for the purpose of this story, that she has NEVER been to a Ren Faire.  We went to the aquarium in downtown Atlanta and enjoyed a nice Saturday together, goofing around in Georgia.  On Sunday, we went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival.  She not only went, she went in costume.  I knew I was in love at that point.  She bought the garb and was ready to go!  We had a great time.  Now, she was pretty easy to talk into the trip when I told her that most of the booths would have nice sparkly pieces of jewelry for sale.  She even got hit on by Ded Bob.

Since that point she has learned to love her geek (that is me).  She has learned to enjoy the fact that I write for this website and make sure that there is at least one new piece released each day.  She is wonderful, understanding, and by far the best person that I know.  I love her more than I ever thought possible and I wanted to share with you, Rennie Reader, a little bit of the joy that I have because I was blessed with the Good Pirate Wife!

I love you, Laura!