Mystical Creatures

A New Series on RenOutfitters!

Well, now that we have finished our series on Knights and Chivalry, it got me to thinking about the critters and beaties that the knight fought in the realms of fantasy and some of those other creatures that we see at the Ren Faire andof course that that we read about in books of a fantastical nature.

Here are just a few of the creatures that we may cover (or in some cases, have been covered):

  • Dragons – Large reptilian beast that put the damsel into distress.  Flying, unflying, fire breathing or breathing other substances, we will try to cover all of the various types of dragons.
  • Faeries – This one has already been covered but we will try to jump on the origins a little heavier and maybe the different places they have appeared in literature.
  • Mermaids – This topic has already had a little bit of play on the site as well but, we can always look at the historic mermaid and of course, seeing how mermaids differed around the world at different points in history.
  • Brownies – Much smaller then faeries but related, brownies are the tricksters of the forest and have even made appearances in pop-culture.
  • Centaurs – Half man and half horse, you have even seen the centaur at the Ren Faire. We will look at the origins and where they have appeared throughout the years.
  • Satyrs – Another prankster of the forest and of myth. With famous satyrs like Pan running around it should be easy to delve into the back story of the satyr.
  • Treants – Large, walking trees.  Think the Green Man that you have seen at faires around the country.
  • Hobbits – Hairy feet, shorter then a man and fond of multiple meals throughout the day, the hobbit has been immortalized in book and on the big screen
  • Elves – Depending on your perspective  they are either shorter or taller then a man.  They might be into toy or shoe making or they might guard the forest, or maybe they live underground and make some of the best thieves around.
  • Dwarves – Stocky, robust and of course, ever resourceful, the dwarf is the stuff of legend and has made its way onto the silver screen much like the elf.
Let us take a journey then, my little Rennies, and let’s look at the mystical creatures that we wish inhabit our world.