“Enchanting Music for the Joyful Heart”

neidfyre 1There is something that I love about Faire Entertainment:  they bring joy and passion to their music and to the hearts of all that hear and experience their performances.  NeidFyre is no exception.  She brings her own style of Celtic music to the scene using her skills on the violin and her remarkable voice.

After touring with many groups in her early career, Mel Ginsberg-Stevens, created the character NeidFyre.  With this new persona intact, Mel begin her solo career, touring festivals of every shape and size across the US.  Bringing Celtic music, done properly, to attendees and Rennies everywhere – blessing the people attending the events at which she performs.  Below is a list of some f the faires she has frequented, though it may not be a complete list of her performance dates – for that check her website.

Past and Presnet Faires:


Tell me you watched the video.  She is incredible.  Find a faire near you that she is performing at, stake a claim near the front of the crowd and deepen you appreciation of Celtic music.  Sit and listen to traditional jigs and reels played with speed and care.  Listen to the tunes that would have played throughout the highlands.  Listen as her voice swells and brings the music of another land even more close to your heart.  Hope that she sings the Bonnie Black Hare, it is a favorite.  NeidFyre is a must-see at the faire.