New Sterling Arms

Wooden Wasters

These are not your typical wooden weapons that you see at most Ren Faires.  These are the next level in what they like to call Wooden Wasters.  These are elegant weapons.  These are works of art.  Check out the images below from their facebook page:

The idea behind their wonderful wooden weapons is that they want the end user to have the weight and balance of a steel weapon.  This is not a clumsy, blade heavy weapon. You can use these to train your arm for actually wielding a steel blade.  Like in days of old, a wooden weapon could teach you to fight, a wooden weapon can be a dun practice item.  The wooden waster by New Sterling Arms is a thing of beauty.  If you want to learn how to use a real weapon without those nasty cuts, this is were you need to shop.

New sterling arms also produces siege weapons.  Now, of course these are not designed for you to take over nieghboring ‘castles’ but they are detailed and historically accurate.  In fact their Caerphilly Castle Trebuchet (seen to the right) is one of the most historically accurate trebuchet kits that you can buy.  The design is taken from Carphilly Castle in Wales.  The kit produces a trebuchet that is 3 feet tall when it is not cocked to fire and will fling the projectile around 50 feet.  If you are wanting to teach your kids or a group of young people about physics and not-so-modern warfare, there is no more interesting way then by using this kit and a tennis ball.