Nickel Shakespeare Girls

Sounds Serious

I am a street performer junkie. U have never met a busker that i don’t like.  There is something about the living scenery that the street performer provides that just gets me in the mood to roam around the faire.  The Nickel Shakespeare Girls are some of the best.  Performing Shakespeare in their own fashion and bringing smiles to the faces of all the people that crowd around them during the day is the purview of the Nickel Shakespeare Girls crew.

Nickel Shakespeare GirlsHere is what to expect when you happen upon the Nickel Shakespeare Girls:  They will approach you, you don’t have to find them.  When they walk up they are going to ask for your favorite Shakespeare play… a Shakespeare line… something to do with Shakespeare.  At that point the ‘cast,’ both of them, will then perform based on the audience suggestion.  In this manner, the crowd makes up the show and decides what the Nickel Shakespeare Girls are going to do at each performance.  What other show can you go to and you get to pick the material.  Go see London Broil and see if they let you decide what they juggle – wait… they do sometimes – nevermind.

Nickel Shakespeare Girls 2The Nickel Shakespeare Girls are also for hire, they will come to your event, school or function and entertain your crowds.  They can either make a show to fit your group or you can choose from one of their many stage shows:

  • Pants & Poise – featuring the ladies of Shakespeare
  • All the World’s a Stage – some Shakespearian greatest hits
  • The Lunatic, the Lover & the Poet – some of Shakespeare’s greatest topics
  • Little Fooleries – clowns and Shakespeare
  • Complete Works – All 39 plays in 35 minutes.  This one has to be seen to be believed.
There are plenty of places to see the Nickel Shakespeare Girls.  I saw them, the first time, at the Highland Renaissance Festival in Eminence, KY and I always look for them before I go to a faire now.  Visit them online to see where they will be performing. Here are some of the places they have played in the past:
  • North Carolina Renaissance Faire
  • Carolina Renaissance Festival
  • Georgia Renaissance Festival
  • Arizona Renaissance Festival
  • Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival
  • Shakespeare and Friends Renaissance Festival
  • Virginia Renaissance Festival
  • Maryland Renaissance Festival
All in all, if you are looking for some of the best street performance work that you will ever see, certainly the group that gets the crowd the most involved, find the Nickel Shakespeare Girls.  Put some thought into the questions that they ask.  Look for that odd Shakespeare play or maybe the one that you think is the least funny.  You will not be able to stump the Nickel Shakespeare Girls, but they will definitely be able to entertain you.