Nuttin’ but Mud

578532_406748716009809_1708674456_nI am seriously in love with mud! AND… I love a good mud show.  There is something about a punchline that ends with someone taking a dip in the mud that cracks me up, everytime.  Nuttin’ but Mud, the mud pit show at the Highland Renaissance Festival in Eminence, KY, is one of my favorites and part of that faire that I don’t miss.

They are a great, married duo that completely crack me up. Their show is light-hearted and family friendly.  I knew when I walked up to the mud pit that the show was going to be awesome:  there was mud splashed on the back row of the seating area.  Any time two performers work hard enough to get mud everywhere, all the way to the back row, it is going to be a great show.

261631_219172388117913_143023235732829_557213_5131815_nWhat amazes me, at any mud show is that the performers start so CLEAN.  How do they pull it off.  They have jumped head-first into a pit of mud, how are the getting it all off.  I have two nephews that can be outside for a few minutes and they stay dirty for the rest of the day.  Anyway, they come out clean and within the first few minutes they are covered in mud.  Head to toe, front to back, covered in mud. And if you stay to catch the second or third show of the day, each time they come out in mint condition.

Slappy and the Mrs entertain and delight.  If your kids aren’t sure how to play in the mud… then there is nowhere else for you to be at the faire.  These are professional mud people. Stake out a seat in the front row and watch these two have fun.

Nuttin but Mud needs to be on your list if you are headed to KY in the summer for the Ren Fest.