The Ren Rat – this is a derogatory term that people ‘in’ the fair use for people that are ‘at’ the fair.  Those poor souls that really want to be a part of the show.  That really want to stand out.  Those, dear reader, are the Ren Rats.  The ones that you see that are a little to involved in their costume or being nticed to just relax and enjoy the fair.  Those that come week after week and have a different costumes for each of the themed weekends during the run of the fair.  They are the best publicity that the fair could have because they are going to tell everyone that they know about the fair.  They are going to motivate all of their friends to go attend but they are also the ones that will be there the weekend that it rains – their feathers droopy and sad.

To this end, the term has brought out the poet in me (not a great poet, but a poet none-the-less):

O bless thee dear Ren Rat,
you come to the fair each week.
You seem to live here eating this or that
wearing sandals on your feet.

The first week, you were Robin Hood.
The second week a ninja.
By the third week you bore a sword of wood.
The fourth, you looked like one of the Avengers.

O Ren Rat, you pay our bills,
with your spirit and your determination.
You baffle us with your lack of skills,
you slay us with your costumes deterioration.

Ren Rat we love thee,
keep coming year after year.
One day we will call you Rennie
Though make fun of your costume, we will.