One Day or Two

How many days do you need for the faire?

This is a question for the ages:  How many days do I really need to spend at a Ren Faire to get the most out of it?  Here are two options (we are going to use the Georgia Renaissance Festival {GRF} for this discussion):

One Day
You can enjoy and see most everything in one day at the GRF.  You are in for a very full day and you are not going to have time to lollygag around but it is possible to pull it off.    You will need to arrive there when it opens at 10am.  You need to be in line to get in at 10, not pulling into the parking lot at 10.  There are two reasons for this: you want to be in the gate as quickly as possible but you also don’t want to miss the opening ceremonies.

Now you need to get a map and a schedule of shows.  I suggest sitting down and planning your route.  If you are smart, you have downloaded these two items from the GRF website ahead of time and you already have them printed out and in your hand.  These two items are going to be your best friends.  If you have not already done so, you need to look at the shows list and make sure that you are not going to miss any of the shows that you have to see.

Here in lies the dilemma of the one day visit to a large faire, you have to make a lot of hard decisions that might lead you to missing shows – and that is NOT allowed.


Two Days
With two days you have many options that are not open if you are only there for one day.

  • You can go in your civvies one day and garb the next, making sure you get to experience both world’s.
  • You can spend one day shopping at a leisurely pace and taking in the street performers and the second day can be devoted to shows.
  • Divide the faire into halves by the number of stages and you can make sure that you don’t miss any version of any show.

Here is the wonderful thing about making your visit to the faire two days long, covering the whole weekend.  You don’t have to hurry, You don’t have to choose which ‘last show’ you are going to see.  Make your visit to the Ren Faire an all weekend thing.  Bring the family, take time to sit around and enjoy the flavor and people of the faire.  Take the time to revel in all that is Rennie!