Paolo Garbanzo Answers the 10 Questions

Paolo Garbanzo, juggler, comedian, fire eater and all around good guy has agreed to take on 10 Question Tuesday!  Paolo of course is on my list of people that i loathe due to the fact that he is a juggler – a skill that I have not mastered, that being said he is one of my favorite entertainers at the faire.  I have seen him at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, the Carolina Renaissance Festival and at King Richard’s Faire in years past.  Great show and includes fire so… it is better then non-fire shows.

The 10 Questions… and Answers

paolo1. What is your favorite word?

Yet.   I don’t know if someone has already said this, but yet is really great word.  It changes EVERYTHING.
Let’s say this:  You say something like “I’ve never driven on the Autobahn.”  There’s information, unspoken information.
It tells me you’ve never driven on the Autobahn and you apparently have not desire to change that situation.
“I’ve never driven on the Autobahn, yet.”  Clearly, you have some sort of plan or at least the desire to drive really fast
on the Autobahn.  That tell me a lot about you.  Gives me an idea of what kind of person you are.  There’s a goal there.
“I’ve never slept with that woman.”  or “I’ve never slept with that woman …yet.”.  See, changes everything!

2. What is your least favorite word?

I enjoy words, so I don’t know if I can say I have a least favorite.  There’s one that saddens me… how’s that?
It takes some explaining… see there used to be a letter called “thorn” and was pronounced “th” just like in the word “thorn”.
well, one day the printing press came along, and they didn’t have that letter, so they replaced it with the letter “y” because it
sort of looked like it.  So now, people write “ye olde blacksmithe” and they pronounce the “ye” as it looks, “yee”.  when actually it
should be “thee”.  So the real problem is that “ye” (pronounced “yee”) means “you”.  so when you say “ye olde bag shoppe”  you’re
actually saying “you old bag shop!”.  I die a little every time and say a prayer for the fallen letter thorn.

3. What turns you on?

Adventure.  Doing things.  Seeing the world.  That sort of stuff.  Interacting with new people, perhaps in a language I can’t speak (yet)
and having things work out.  It’s the best.

IMG_90394. What turns you off?

Not doing things.  Being thwarted.  I don’t take defeat well.  I’m not talking sportsmanship, that’s fine, I mean being thwarted by inanimate objects.
When you’re fixing a car and the bolt breaks off in the engine.  That sort of thing.  Oh, it burns me up.

5. What sound do you love?

It’s too cheesy to say “laughter” isn’t it?  And of course, I only love it when I’m causing the laughter, otherwise it’s just normal laughter…

6. What sound do you hate?

There’s a certain sound a human head makes when confronted with something harder than itself, like a road.  I’ve heard this sound, fortunately not from my own head,  but from others, and it makes you cringe, because you know it’s not a good sound deep down in your body, it’s primal.  You’re body is already going “oooh.. that’s not good…” before you even know what happened.  yeah, bad sound.

7. What is your favorite curse word?

I have this thing about curse words.. who decided that they were “okay” or “bad”?  the word “cunt” was a perfectly reasonable word to say around 1200 a.d. it’s in the play “Everyman”.  People used that word in place of the word they weren’t supposed to say at that time, which was probably “vagina”.  But somehow, it changed, now you can’t say that. Also, in America, we say “crap” in place of the word “shit”, but in England, you can’t say “crap”, it’s just as a bad as saying “shit”.  they’re equal!!  I guess you have to say “poop”.  I think it’s hilarious… “hey, I made up this word, but you can’t say it”  “what is it, tell me!”  “Oh, no, can’t do that, it’s a BAD WORD!” “you can tell me, come on, how bad could it be?” “Oh, this is REALLY bad.  I mean, WAYYY bad. Seriously, can’t even utter it at all.”  “Then why did you make this word??? that doesn’t make any sense!!” Also, I can say “Shit” all I want in Germany, at a public show with kids, even though most Germans can speak great English, and even if they can’t speak English they know the word “shit”, which comes from the German word “shiesse”, so they’re really close, but it’s ok because it’s not they’re language.

And then, there’s the ultimate power of curse words in a class room.. remember somewhere around 3rd grade when someone in the class would say a curse word just to see everyone in the class get all freaked out because someone said a curse word!  I don’t know if that still happens in school, but it was amazing what a few harmless sounds arranged in a certain configuration can do to an entire classroom… now that’s magic!

So to answer the question, my favorite curse would is whatever the very very worst curse word of the day is, because it will change.  And I like to keep up with the times.

8. What profession other then your own would you like to attempt?

Fireman.  I want to put out fires.  I know, I play with fire in my show a lot, but I really want to see them put out, or at the very least handled properly.

9. What profession would you not like to do?

Anything dealing with human waste. yuck. really.

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

“Would you like to go back, yet?”

Thank you, Paolo.  Now that you know a little bit more about Paolo Garbanzo, make sure that you check out his show the next time you are at the Ren Faire.  Go to his website, follow him on facebook and of course if you are in the audience, show your appreciation – drop some money in the hat.

Paolo Garbanzo