Peace Tied

Get tied up at the gate!

To go along with the article on Weapons Policies from yesterday, let’s talk about peace tying.

Almost every single faire requires that whatever weapons you bring with you to the faire need to be peace tied.  When you walk up to the gate, make sure to disclose all of your weapons and get them ALL peace tied.  Don’t try to sneak something in becuase you think you are getting away with something.  If they catch you later with a weapon out of the sheath… you will not stay long at that faire.

There are a couple of ways that you could get peace tied:

The Red Ribbon
Some of the Renaissance Faires simply tie a red ribbon (or a ribbon of whatever color they choose) around the hilt of your weapons.   They are placing you on the honor system.  They are entering in to a contract with you that the fact that they have flagged your weapons means that they know and you know that you are not to draw that weapon while at the faire.  Replica firearms will sometimes get peace tied and sometimes not, it depends on the faire.

Zip Ties
This is a much more effective way of making sure you don’t forget and draw your weapon to face down Christpohe the Insultor for getting a little to personal or realize that you will have a better chance at Vegetable Justice if the hole in the wall was bigger.   In this method of peace tying, the good people at the gate run a zip tie around the hilt of your weapon securing it to the sheath or to your belt, thus making it impossible for you to draw without removing the zip tie first.  This does not mean that the Zip Tie faires don’t trust you but they want to make sure that everybody as a safe and fun day at the faire.  Again, some faires will zip tie replica firearms and some won’t – depends on the faire.

Don’t resist peace tying. Don’t get snippy with the people peace tying.  Don’t try to sneak through the non-peace tying entrance.  Be a good Rennie and submit.

Don’t wear a naked blade to the faire.  I know it looks cool and I will sport my cutlass with no sheathe in other scenarios but at the faire you have to keep kids and other small things in mind.  If your sword is sharpened and a child runs into it… that’s is a bad thing.  Keep your blade sheathed.

Get tied up at the gate.  if you are at the Georigia Renaissance Festival you might get tied up by part of The Pirate Ships crew.  Which, if you get one of the softer members of their crew, is a nice way to start the day.