Lost Mountain Clay Works

Quicksilver’s Pirate Pots!

Found this website a while back and I am now in love with Captain Quicksilver’s Pirate Pots.  These are the brain child of Lost Mountain Clayworks from Oregon and they are wonderful and whimsical.

Mark Heimann is the master potter and goes by the pirate name Captain Morrigan Quicksilver.  This potter is a true craftsman.  Though I have chose to focus on his pirate pots, his body of work is very diverse, covering Oriental themes to Vikings.  You can see the care he takes in his craft when you look at the beautiful curves and detail on his pieces.  That being said, back to the Pirate Pots.

Pirate Pots range from shot glass size to jug size and all are pirate themed – obviously.  Each and every item they carry is usable, you can fill them with your favorite beverage or in the case of the bowls your favorite stew or good piratical chili.  Here are the Options that you can find on the website and I do recommend that you go to their site and check it out.

Pirate Pots:

  • Tankard – We are all familiar with a tankard.  But instead of being made of leather, this is fired clay and beautiful.  It would look great tied to your belt at the next faire.  Find a Mead Wench and have her fill it with Mead!
  • Super Tankard – What is better then a tankard… a bigger tankard.  More mead!
  • Tumbler – Beautiful glasses.  They would great on any table, especially one made from the bones of rival pirate captains.
  • Jug – A jug, come on people you know what a jug is.  Imagine a moonshine jug but with more character.
  • Rum Jug – Same as the above jug but declares what you should be drinking out of it – RUM!  It is also available in 3 sizes.
  • Story Jug – The jug with a little more character – also available in two sizes.
  • Warning Shots – Shot glasses that only a pirate can love – and fill with rum!
  • Groggard – This is a hybrid drinking vessel.  A cross between the tankard and the jug.  Fill it with grog, fill it with rum it doesn’t matter.  And you are in good company as the inspiration for this item came from The MacKay at Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats.
  • Bowl – A bowl with a piratey surprise at the bottom when you make a happy plate.
  • Onion Bottle – You would have seen this types of bottles on board ship during the 17th century.  The wide bottom on these bottles made them very stable on board ship when the seas started rolling.