Pirates of the Caribbean

Dead Man’s Chest

So I was in a mood to watch a movie that always puts a smile on my face today and of course, that means that said movie must and will have pirates in abundance.  Having only done one of the PotC movies for Film Friday I decided to add the second in the series: Dead Man’s Chest. And while not as good as the first one, it is still a fantastic movie.

Plot Synopsis (There Be Spoilers)
The movie opens on a stormy day at what should have been Will and Elizabeth’s wedding.  Enter Cutler Beckett, one of our new villains. Next we find Jack searching for… something… or a drawing of something.  Elizabeth is jailed and Will is sent of Jack to find his compass so that he can secure Elizabeth’s freedom.  Along the path to Jack and therefore freedom, they encounter Davy Jones and find out that he is not a myth and neither is his Kraken.  In the end Jack plays the hero and sacrifices himself to save the others.

The Good

Johnny Depp – Captpotcawe3ain Jack Sparrow – Once again, Depp is the highlight.  His quirky way of being a pirate, and the little things in his performance make this a splendid movie.  For instance, take the fact that he decides to groom the toenail on the nechlace of toes that the natives hang around his neck – perfect.  His mix of hero / anti-hero / protagonist is perfect for a pirate and even better because he plays it so well.

Is the jar of dirt going to help?

Bill Nighy – Davy Jones – Bill Nighy knocks this role out of the park.  It could very well have been so over-the-top that the part didn’t work.  But the almost casual way that Nighy plays the squid-faced Jones works.  He is equal parts madman and genius.  Even the little eccentricities that he adds to the role make him ‘real.’

Let no joyful voice be heard! Let no man look up at the sky with hope! And let this day be cursed by we who ready to wake… the Kraken!

Jack Davenport – James Norrington – Norrington was amazing in this flick.  He was used a lot more, even though we didn’t see him until about the halfway point.  He is a dynamic swashbuckling aspect to the movie that I think was really needed.  Add to that the fact that he turns on the rest of the crew a couple of times and you add a new level of plot depth that was needed as well.

Lord Beckett desires the contents of that chest. I deliver it, I get my life back.

potcdmc9Tom Hollander – Cutler Beckett – Talk about a bad guy.  It is hard to believe that he becomes the main bad guy in the movie even when you have Davy Jones stalking about aboard the Flying Dutchman.  Is that uber-cool, I-am-better then you bad guy that every one wishes for in a movie.  He is the obvious bad guy that doesn’t have to use a lot of subterfuge.

I care not for cursed Aztec gold. My desires are not so provincial. There’s more than one chest of value in these waters. So perhaps you may wish to enhance your offer.

The Kraken – Freakin’ love the Kraken.  Whether he is splitting ships in half or dragging them down whole, the Kraken seems to be an unstoppable force.  Of course, if you watch the third movie you will see that this is not the case.

The Escape from the Cannibals – The action sequence from the time where the crew of the Pearl is imprisoned in the bone-ball to the point that they make their way to the Black Pearl on the beach is a rollicking good time.  I thought it might be the highlight of the movie until we got tot he beach fight at the end.

Jack vs Will vs Norrington – This was the highlight of the flick.  These three fighting for the key from the beach to the mill to the waterwheel and then back to the beach is awesome.  In my opinion this is a tribute to the Errol Flynn style action that was had back in the days of black and white movies.  I could watch this series of scenes over and over.

The Bad

The Prison at the Beginning – I would love to have seen more of this prison.  The only real disappointment was not knowing how they got there or how Jack got in.

The Jumps in Time – The beginning of the movie has some huge gaps in time.  From the pirate prison back to Port Royal to Will looking for Jack to the cannibal island – there is a certain amount of time jumping that is done hurts your head to think about too much.

The Ugly

The Kraken Attacking the Wrong Ship – How did the Kracken attack the wrong ship.  Are we actually supposed to believe that he was tracking Jack’s tricorne?  This was the only really bad piece of plot in the movie.  The fishing vessel picks up Jack’s hat and the ship is broken in half by the Kracken for the fact that they have the hat.  I don’t get the logic there.

Great movie!  I know that some people did not like the slant that the second movie in this series took but I dug it.  It is re-watchable and that is the mark of a good movie.  If you haven’t seen it – shame. If you have seen curl up with it again and give it a re-watch.