Quicksilver Mint

Mythical and Alchemical Medallions

Several years, ago I bought one of my favorite accessories, a piece of jewelry that I wear on a daily basis, whether I am in costume, going to church or just hanging around town.  I am speaking of a stamped bronze medallion that I got from Quicksilver Mint at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival.

quicksilvermint coin 1I love this piece of jewelry!  One side is a skull and crossbones (big surprise there, right) and the other is a Maltese Cross that is very similar to a Templar Cross, thus it fits my garb and gives me the ability to flip it if I want to be a pirate but not draw attention to myself.

This is the thing I love about Quicksilver Mint:  You have CHOICES!  You get to pick not only what your medallion is made out of but you also get to choose what is on each side.  Their designs range from the simple to the intricate, from military designs to zodiac signs, from runes to monograms and everything in between.  Don’t see something you like, get with them after the fair, get them your art work and they will work with you to make a custom die for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Of course, the barking at the time of stamping is as much a part of the experience as picking out your designs to be stamped.  Here is how it goes:

  1. quicksilvermint coin 2You pick out your two designs and the type of metal you want to wear.
  2. They get the dies ready and get your soon to be stamped blank ready for stamping.
  3. You hear them yell:  Striking bronze Skull & Bones and Maltese Cross!
  4. The weight is let lose and you watch it strike the metal, making a perfect impression of the two images that you chose.
  5. Add a neck string and you have a brand new accessory that is great with your garb or works as everyday wear to remind you of what you would rather be doing – going to Ren Faires.
Quicksilver Mint is a fixture at faires around the nation.  I guarantee that they have a booth near you.  Please visit their schedule page and see where they are going to be this year.  Make plans to visit them while you are there and pick out a piece of history that will stay uin your family for generations.

Quicksilver Mint
1750 East Hill Rd
Willits, CA