Rascal Robert

Medieval Magyke

Magic, music and a little bit of piracy all come together in Rascal Robert – a creation of magician and musician:  Mark Pettey.

Rascal Robert is first and foremost a magician, he is also a talented musician and storyteller.  First, let’s talk about the magic side of things.  Rascal Robert is one of the best up-close magician working the Renaissance Faire circuit today.  40 years of experience are brought to stage and lane and the years of entertainment that Mark Pettey has are poured into every performance of Rascal Robert.  Props and piratical flare follow this rascal wherever he goes delighting children of all ages.  Mark has toured in the US, Canada and in the Caribbean and it is no doubt that the Caribbean is where he picke dup his love of all things pirate.  Now, with the persona of Rascal Robert, he is bringing a piratical version of magik to the masses and making a name for himself all over the country as he performs for thousands of people.

Along with is magical skills he is also an accomplished storyteller and performer on the Renaissance style long trumpet.  If your faire sis in need of a trumpeter that can also work the crowds and entertain then you need look no further, you have found your trumpeter and an entertainer all in one.  Station him near your jousting arena and allow him to herald on the games as he performers for the crowds near the arena in between matches.  And if you are in charge of the entertainment at your local pirate faire then you have found someone that is an expert on the steel drums as well.  Rascal Robert can fit into any scenario that you can imagine and entertain the crowds that arrive at your faire.

Upcoming Performances (these are just a few check his website and facebook page for more):

  • Riverdale Kiwanis medieval faire
  • Ft Myers Beach Pirate Festival
  • Ocean Springs Renaissance Faire
  • FAE Festival
Either way you need to find a faire that has Rascal Robert as a performer, find him and get ready to be amazed as you laugh at the wonder fully heart-felt stories that he tells.