Renaissance Festival Podcast

The Best of Renaissance Festivals in a Podcast, Twice a Month

Here is one of the things that keeps me going throughout the week, especially on those weeks where I know that I am not going to be attending a Renaissance Festival:  The Renaissance Festival Podcast. The Renaissance Festival Podcast is my link with all those things Rennie during the week – hose items that I miss while not at faire.  I get to kickback and geek out with people that not only love Ren Faires but they have a connection to the artists and faires that goes beyond the mundane and the fan-side of things.  Marc Gunn and his crew bring the best Ren Faire entertainment to the podcast and turn the regular work day into a faire in and of itself.

Now, of course, you all know Marc Gunn.  He is a Celtic musician that goes beyond just the traditional to bring Ren Faire music and information to the masses. With skill and humor, Marc has been thrilling audiences all over the country for years.  With this Podcast, run through the Renaissance Festival Music website, he can bring his love of Ren Faires to people during the week and broaden the audience of the faire circuit itself.  Each episode has great music and lots of Rennie info.  The music runs the gambit from serious instrumental tunes to the hilarious with groups like the Pirate Shantyman and Bonnie Lass.  Never knowing what the crew at the Renaissance Festival Podcast is going to bring to the table, makes each week interesting and exciting.

Along with the podcast, the Renaissance Festival Music site is the home of the Renaissance Festival Awards each year.  These are the biggest awards in the Ren Faire community, the ones that all the entertainers and faires want to win.  From the Best Ren Fair of the year (that is the biggie) to the Best ‘type’ of entertainment.  The voting is fast and furious and there is lots of competition every year.

The Renaissance Festival Podcast is one of a kind.  Music, comedy, interviews and reviews, all wrapped into one concise show.  High production values and potentially new music during each and every show will make sure that you come back each and every week to see what Marc and the gang are bringing to the table.  It is available directly from their site or through your favorite podcast service (like iTunes) – and if you are using iTunes for your podcast needs, leave them a review and rate the show.